Artistry Duty About Dance art

Posted: Juli 28, 2009 in kesenian
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Dance is human soul expression which in infusing movements of body to motivate motion of beautiful body and successive motion.” ( By soedarsono)

Dance art reality

Intrinsically dance art is one of artistic area directly applies human body as main media which is as value expression beauty and exaltus value through motions of position of body and carrying out of art.

Human body as artistic expression

Part of human body which is very strong for channeling expression of motion of mind lays in various body organ motions, they are :


Eyes movements expression has the character of total and very strong because eye is reflection of someone mind.Dance art bali and india dance art applies eye as a means of main expression.At dance art jawa there are rules that eye must always parallel with facial direction for man looks into by one points five times from it’s body height while for woman thrice from it’s body height.


Motion expression of neck, they are :

A. Tolehan : Chin’s pulled to rightside so that the head can be collapsed to the leftside and can straighten again and vice versa

B. Pacak gulu : Collapse the head to the left and then upholds it returns with direction of sight remain to forwards. This movements are held at time curtseys or dances and on course silent stood.


motion expression of hand and arm, they are :

A. Ngepel: The index finger, middle finger and ring finger to buckling in so that tip of beloved fingertip menghujam to palm until third and invisible nail of fingertip still in a line. tip of thumb patchs at joint between joint middle jetties and internode of the index finger, little finger finger in buckling downwards so that tip of little finger perchs at ring finger

B.Ngithing: Tip of thumb and middle finger meets forming circle. parallel ring finger with middle finger.The index finger and little finger in bending is curved with position of seen from side is rather higher from at middle finger bent lines and ring finger.

C.Nyempurit:Thumb patchs straightening at palm.index fingertip is bended until patching in tip of thumb. Middle finger, parallel ring finger 90 degrees with thumb.little finger is bended to perchs at ring finger

D.Ngeruji: The index finger,middle finger,ring finger and little finger meeting straightening 90 degrees with forearm.Thumb in buckling towards in, patchs to palm.

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